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Government Leaders: Past and Present

The present state of Biñan as the premier heritage and trade capital south of Manila, its cultural enrichment, and overall development and growth have been the fruits of the town’s centuries-old history under many town heads, from the pre-Spanish times to the present.

Pre-colonial Biñan was already in existence even before the Spaniards came. There was already an active trading and commerce system operating between the natives and the Chinese, thriving mostly along the Biñan River and the Laguna de Bay.

Under the Spanish rule, the leaders of Biñan were referred to as capitan from 1757-1781. In 1782-1788, they were called alcalde. Then the term was changed to gobernadorcillo in 1789. From 1790-1821 they were addressed again as capitan, in 1822-1924 as alcalde, and from 1825-1898 as capitan. From 1899 to the present, the leaders have been called “punumbayan” in Tagalog but more commonly by the English title of address, mayor.

During the Spanish period, from 1757-1898, a total of 119 capitans and alcaldes, and one gobernadorcillo, served as leaders of Biñan. Under the Americans, 1900-1941 and 1945-1946, Biñan was governed by 15 mayors. During the Japanese occupation from 1942-1944, three leaders held the mayorship.

From the time the Philippines regained its independence in 1946, Biñan has been under 13 mayors.

SPANISH PERIOD (1757-1898)

Capitan Don Antonio de Santa Rosa, 1757
Capitan Don Francisco de Mendoza, 1758
Capitan Don Agustin Esteban de Mendoza, 1759
Capitan Don Bartolome Mariano, 1760
Capitan Don Gaspar Artillagas, 1761
Capitan Don Manuel Serrano, 1762
Capitan Don Gaspar Trinidad, 1763
Capitan Don Vicente de los Santos, 1764
Capitan Don Felipe Santiago, 1765
Capitan Don Gabriel Tuason, 1766
Capitan Don Gregorio Casimiro, 1767
Capitan Don Manuel Enriquez, 1768
Capitan Don Agustin de los Reyes, 1769
Capitan Don Juan de los Reyes, 1770
Capitan Don Simon de Leyva, 1771
Capitan Don Francisco Pascacio, 1772
Capitan Don Felipe Santiago, 1773
Capitan Don Domingo de Guzman, 1774
Capitan Don Manuel Piraido, 1775
Capitan Don Jose de los Reyes, 1776
Capitan Don Anselmo de Ocampo, 1777
Capitan Don Agustin de los Santos, 1778-1779
Capitan Don Pedro de Rivera, 1780
Capitan Don Andres Dimaranan, 1781
Alcalde Don Francisco de Borja, 1782
Alcalde Don Francisco Mercado, 1783
Alcalde Don Francisco de la Cruz, 1784
Alcalde Don Esteban de Mendoza, 1785
Alcalde Don Rafael Naval, 1786
Alcalde Don Hilario Pablo, 1787
Alcalde Don Pablo de los Reyes, 1788
Gobernadorcillo Don Patricio Carlos, 1789
Capitan Don Cipriano Alonso, 1790
Capitan Don Pablo Faustino, 1791
Capitan Don Gabriel Roque, 1792
Capitan Don Francisco Alejandro, 1793
Capitan Don Eusebio de los Reyes, 1794
Capitan Don Pedro de Rivera, 1795
Capitan Don Cipriano de Santa Rosa, 1796
Capitan Don Pablo Josef Amoranto, 1797
Capitan Don Santiago Cariño, 1798

Capitan Don Fernando de Rivera, 1799
Capitan Don Eugenio Zarate, 1800
Capitan Don Francisco Alejandro, 1801
Capitan Don Cipriano Alonso, 1802
Capitan Don Patricio Carlos, 1803
Capitan Don Manuel Esteban de Ocampo, 1804
Capitan Don Pablo Josef Amoranto, 1805-1806
Capitan Don Felipe Santiago Nery, 1807
Capitan Don Juan Mercado, 1808
Capitan Don Felizardo Enriquez, 1809
Capitan Don Alejandro Rivera, 1810
Capitan Don Manuel Esteban de Ocampo, 1811
Capitan Don Pablo Josef Amoranto, 1812
Capitan Don Juan Mercado, 1813
Capitan Don Juan Fernando Gomez de Rivera, 1814
Capitan Don Pablo Josef Amoranto, 1815
Capitan Don Eusebio de los Reyes, 1816
Capitan Don Tomas de Ocampo, 1817
Capitan Don Fausto Dimaranan, 1818-1819
Capitan Don Julian Santos Leyva, 1820
Capitan Don Felipe Rubio, 1821
Alcalde Don Pablo Josef Amoranto, 1822
Alcalde Don Esteban de Ocampo, 1822
Alcalde Don Pedro Trinidad, 1823
Alcalde Don Juan Mercado, 1823
Alcalde Don Placido del Rosario, 1824
Capitan Don Gregorio Antonio, 1825
Capitan Don Balbino Carlos, 1826
Capitan Don Pedro Trinidad, 1827
Capitan Don Francisco Bibiano Ochoa, 1828-1829
Capitan Don Gaspar de los Reyes, 1830
Capitan Don Remigio, 1831
Capitan Don Pedro Trinidad, 1832
Capitan Don Jose Arevalo, 1833
Capitan Don Liberato Teodoro de Castro, 1834
Capitan Don Gaspar de los Reyes Gana, 1835
Capitan Don Rafael Amoranto, 1836
Capitan Don Jose Potenciano, 1837-1840
Capitan Don Jose German, 1841
Capitan Don Leon Amoranto, 1842
Capitan Don Mariano Geronimo, 1843

Capitan Don Lorenzo Alonso de Alberto, 1844
Capitan Don Perfecto de Ocampo, 1845
Capitan Don Jose Potenciano, 1846-1847
Capitan Don Antonio Carlos, 1848
Capitan Don Martin Alberto, 1849
Capitan Don Eulalio Gana, 1850
Capitan Don Lazaro Almeda Carlos, 1851
Capitan Don Francisco Dimaranan, 1852
Capitan Don Jose Gana, 1853
Capitan Don Jose Almeda Carlos, 1854
Capitan Don Jose Gana, 1855
Capitan Don Gregorio Reyes Gana, 1856
Capitan Don Juan Carillo Trinidad, 1857
Capitan Don Agaton Almeda Carlos, 1858
Capitan Don Antonio Almeda Carlos, 1859
Capitan Don Jose Faustino Cruz, 1860
Capitan Don Mariano Potenciano, 1861
Capitan Don Plequinto Baylon, 1862
Capitan Don Miguel Dimas Yatco, 1863-1864
Capitan Don Manuel Marfori Reyes, 1865
Capitan Don Claro Almadin, 1866
Capitan Don Eulalio Gana, 1867-1868
Capitan Don Cecilio Amoranto, 1869-1870
Capitan Don Faustino de Ocampo, 1871
Capitan Don Tomas Veracruz, 1872
Capitan Don Marcelo Reyes, 1873-1875
Capitan Don Cecilio Amoranto, 1875
Capitan Don Ireneo Carillo Trinidad, 1876
Capitan Don Agaton Garcia, 1877-1878
Capitan Don Conrado Gana, 1879-1881
Capitan Don Primo Carillo, 1882
Capitan Don Ramon Amoranto, 1883-1885
Capitan Don Eduardo Gana, 1886-1887
Capitan Don Andres Almeda, 1888
Capitan Don Pablo Potenciano, 1889
Capitan Don Leoncio Yatco, 1890-1891
Capitan Don Macario Apelo, 1892-1893
Capitan Don Mariano Apelo, 1894
Capitan Don Josualdo Gana, 1895-1898

American Period (1900-1941)

Mayor Pastor de Silva, 1900
Mayor Edilberto Ocampo, 1901-1906
Mayor Mariano Salandanan, 1906-1909
Mayor Jacinto Francisco, 1910-1912
Mayor Saturnino Jimenez, 1913-1915

Mayor Agustin Gana, 1916-1922
Mayor Jose Medina, 1923-1925
Mayor Agustin Gana, 1926-1934
Mayor Mariano Villanueva, 1935-1937
Mayor Julio Antiporda, 1938

Mayor Dr. Vicente Belizario, 1938-1939
Mayor Ubaldo Ambas, 1939-1940
Mayor Rogelio Limaco, 1940-1942

Japanese Occupation (1942-1945)

Mayor Rogelio Limaco, 1942-1944
Mayor Leoncio Silva, 1944
Mayor Castor Morales, 1944-1945

Restoration of the Commonwealth (1945-1946)

Mayor Marcial Alintanahin, 1945
Mayor Ysidro Morales, 1945-1946

Philippine Independence (1946-PRESENT)

Mayor Ysidro L. Morales


Mayor Candido P. Cariño


Mayor Dr. Marcelino Z.Batista


Mayor Jesus M. Garcia


Mayor Pedro H. Escueta


Mayor Mariano C. Manabat


Mayor Atty. Venancio S. Almazora


Mayor Atty. Miguelito B. Limaco


Mayor Atty. Noe Zarate


Mayor Bayani M. Alonte


Mayor Hermis C. Perez


Mayor Marlyn B. Alonte-Naguiat


Mayor Atty. Walfredo R. Dimaguila Jr.