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BCHATO: Preserving the Heritage, Boosting Tourism


In the era of rapid modernization and vast capitalism, to take on the task of preserving the cultural heritage, bringing history back to life, and reviving old traditions can be a daunting feat. Fortunately for Biñan, there are people who see the importance of culture, history, and the arts to the city’s identity and the enrichment of people’s lives, and leaders who help make their efforts sustainable and meaningful.

To fulfill the city’s mission to preserve, conserve and nurture its cultural, historical and artistic heritage towards sustainable tourism, the Biñan City Culture, History, Arts and Tourism Office (BCHATO) sees to it that it promotes giving value and due respect to the city’s heritage. Its efforts also adapt to the contemporary time and follow a progressive consciousness. It creates a platform to showcase what Biñan has to offer in a way that people will appreciate and identify with in order to ensure the sustainability of the advocacy.

This, fueled by a burning passion, is what drives BCHATO to come up with and bring to fruition such grand ideas as citywide cultural festivals, exhibits, and performances in various mediums and platforms that bring out the Biñanenses’ wealth of artistic potential. At the core of these efforts is also the perseverance to preserve the city’s heritage sites within the Heritage District and to raise the Biñanenses’ awareness and involvement through focus group discussions, lectures, workshops and seminars, which educate the people on the what, why and how of taking care of their heritage. These initiatives, apart from boosting tourism, more importantly make the Biñanenses themselves appreciate their own roots and embrace their heritage as intrinsic elements of their identity and being.



A City that is aware of its cultural, historical and artistic heritage towards a sustainable tourism.


To encourage the continuing and balanced development of a pluralistic culture by the Biñanenses;

To conserve, promote and protect Biñan’s historical and cultural heritage;

To ensure the widest dissemination of artistic, cultural and tourism products among the people of Biñan and other provinces, for their appreciation and enjoyment;

To boost and support studies and discussions on local heritage through symposia, workshops, publications, exhibitions and performance, and

To preserve and integrate local history and culture and its various expressions as a dynamic part of Biñan’s sustainable tourism.

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Office of the Department Head

City Tourism and Cultural Affairs Officer

Dr. Bryan Jayson T. Borja


(049) 511-8479 | (049) 849-4727

You may also send request/question/inquiry directly to the appropriate Division concerned

Administrative Services Division

Ms. Vicky L. Pacris


Tourism Development and Promotion Division

Ms. Ma. Teresa T. Capunitan


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School of Rizal Site and Museum

Cultural Heritage and Artistic Creation Division

Ms. Sigrid Anne D. Carreon


Historical Conservation and Preservation Division

Mr. Arvin Jay B. Bongon, MBA


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Biñan City Museum

Historic Alberto Mansion

Biñan City Studies Center

Ms. Shiela G. Legaspi, MLIS


Biñan City Centre for Performing Arts Inc.


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