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Feel and live in the heritage of the town, through its festivals and various programs for culture and the arts. Experience the warmth of its people, and one will surely feel at home


Feel and live in the heritage of the town, through its festivals and various programs for culture and the arts. Experience the warmth of its people, and one will surely feel at home


Puto Latik Festival

Puto Latik Festival

Biñan celebrates its lively Puto Latik Festival, to laud and to foster its Puto Biñan, and its “maglalatik” folk war dance which is offered to San Isidro Labrador, patron saint of farmers and of Biñan.

Araw ng Biñan

Araw ng Biñan

Biñan makes sure to remember its history as a city. As its people fill the historic town plaza, with the centuries-old Alberto Mansion, the Sentrong Pangkultura ng Biñan and the hundred-yearold Rizal Monument.


Pasko sa Biñan

No one does Christmas like the Filipinos do. If not for the tropical climate, the Philippines should have been considered a Christmas village as they celebrate the season the longest.

Pasko sa Biñan
Biñan Maglalatik



With a playful music to reverberate the intrinsic humor and element of a folk game through luksong tinik (jumping spines) in its choreography, “maglalatik” narrates a harmless battle between two religious warriors over the most prized latik.


Program for the Arts

Public Program for the Arts

Staying true to its mission, BCHATO holds seminars, trainings, and conventions such as the Usapang Kultura: Biñan Cultural Summit to gather all cultural workers, both from Biñan and from other towns, to share their knowledge and expertise in the field. Lectures are delivered by esteemed historians during the National Heritage Month in May and National History Month in August to reintroduce the young townspeople to their own history, as knowing their story in depth would guide them in molding their very own identity. Another way that BCHATO honors Biñan’s heritage is to hold exhibits featuring the religious iconographies that are relevant not only for their religious meaning, but for their role in cultivating Biñan’s history as well.

In all of BCHATO’s endeavors, it sees to it that it situates its efforts among the generation that would sustain and continue the propagation of its advocacies. It taps the emerging talents to offer a platform to not only serve their mother town, but to also hone and showcase the talents that they were born with and the skills that they earned through hard work. They tap writers, photographers, graphic artists, and aspiring journalists to create a bi-annual tourism and culture magazine, The City of Life, that seeks to inform about the continuous initiatives for heritage preservation, to pay tribute to the ordinary people who exert extraordinary efforts to make the lives of the Biñanenses appreciated to their fullest, and to enlighten the people on how fortunate they are to have been blessed with so many beautiful traditions and structures.

The Sentrong Pangkultura ng Biñan is a regional art center of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (Kaisa sa Sining partner). As such, it holds exhibits and workshops, as well as exchange programs that widen the network, strengthen the camaraderie, and hone the skills of the artists as they immerse themselves in the bigger stage. Meanwhile, the Biñan Studies Center is an affiliate library of the National Library of the Philippines. This linkage enables further reinforcement of literacy among the youth.


Biñan City Centre for Performing Arts, Inc.

City Resolution 50-A-2017

The Biñan City Centre for Performing Arts (BCPA), a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-registered organization, helps propagate and preserve Biñan’s heritage and identity as the city relives and reimagines its significant role in history by serving as a platform to hone the talents and showcase the city’s homegrown world-class artists. At the same time, it keeps its artists grounded on humanity and reality as these are pivotal to the creation of art.

Biñan City Centre for Performing Arts (BCPA)

For the past years, BCPA has been developing a culture of art appreciation among the Biñanenses, allowing the people to experience art in their day-to-day living as it creates initiatives to utilize the different spaces of Biñan. But it also wants to create a space dedicated to the arts through the Sentrong Pangkultura ng Biñan, which BCPA aggressively invites people to visit.

Apart from the platform, the space, and the high-caliber teachers, BCPA takes part in nationwide initiatives and celebrations, and holds in different months of the year a culminating performance of each form: Araw ng Biñan and National Arts Month in February; the Anilag Festival in March; the Puto Latik Festival in May; Linggo ng Musikong Pilipino (Original Pinoy Music Week) in July; Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa (National Language Month) and National History Month in August; National Tourism Week in September; National Museums and Galleries Month in October; National Library and Information Services Month in November; and Pasko sa Biñan and Rizal Month in December.

In 2022, “SINAG (Sining ang Gabay): The Establishment of Biñan City Centre for Performing Arts” won for Biñan the Department of Tourism-ATOP Pearl Awards as the Best Program for Culture and the Arts in the Philippines.

Biñan Youth Performance Council, Inc.

Date established: August 7, 2005
Founding Artistic Director: Dr. Bryan Jayson T. Borja
Number of members: 52

Biñan Youth Performance Council
Biñan Folkloric Dance Troupe

Biñan Folkloric Dance Troupe

Date established: August 29, 2016
Master Choreographer: Mr. Jordan V. Sarcia
Number of members: 39


Biñan Metropolitan Chorus

Date established: August 29, 2016
Conductor: Mr. Joey Gianan Vargas
Number of members: 30


Biñan Metropolitan Chorus
Biñan City Brass Band (BCBB)

Biñan City Brass Band

Date established: June 5, 2017
Conductor: Mr. Odysseus G. Catindig
Number of members: 35


Biñan Kawayan Music Ensemble

Date established: November 14, 2017
Conductor: Ret.Col. Gilbert M. Ramos
Number of members: 38


Biñan Kawayan Music Ensemble (BKME)
Biñan Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (BYPO)

Biñan Youth Philharmonic Orchestra

Date established: May 21, 2017
Conductor: Ret. Col. Gilbert M. Ramos
Number of members: 19


Biñan Symphonic Rondalla

Date established: December 22, 2017
Conductor: Mr. Alfred C. Arciaga
Number of members: 24


Biñan Symphonic Rondalla
Biñan Vocal Ensemble

Biñan Vocal Ensemble

Date established: December 01, 2020
Vocal Coach: Ms. Vicky Pacris
Number of members: 15