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Biñan City Centre for Performing Arts, Inc.

Biñan City Brass Band

Date established: June 5, 2017
Conductor: Mr. Odysseus G. Catindig
Number of members: 35

The Biñan City Brass Band (BCBB) has a perfect attendance during the flag ceremony on Mondays, as well as in the Serenata during the Christmas dawn masses held in ten Catholic churches in Biñan. At other times they hop from one barangay to another to attend festivals. It is impossible not to know their music for in these events and in many other occasions, they are always invited to play.

The band is composed of adult musicians from different barangays performing under the baton of Odysseus. For the love of music, its members make individual efforts to bring band music to the community, especially to the young Biñanenses, for they play a major part in Biñan’s musical consciousness as they fill the city with music.