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The Seal of the City of Biñan


The current seal of the City of Biñan is highly symbolic, perfectly capturing the essence of the city. The 2010 on the seal clearly represents the year of Biñan’s cityhood. The Rizal Monument in the Poblacion town plaza reminds of Biñan’s crucial role in the life of the national hero. The Magpipinipig Monument in Canlalay celebrates the abundant agricultural produce of the city and its role in creating solidarity among Biñanenses. The book symbolizes the city’s strong commitment to providing high-quality accessible education, while the industrial park welcomes the city’s balanced and well-planned industrialization. The Heroes Memorial Rotonda honors the bravery and sacrifice of Biñan’s ancestors. The pair of slippers and the sombrero pay tribute to the entrepreneurial skills and craftsmanship of its workers from Dela Paz, Malaban, and Platero. The 24 leaves represent the 24 barangays. The golden color signifies abundance, while the two stars bordering the words “City of Biñan” represent service and integrity.


Biñan has been gifted with rich history and heritage that we still enjoy today. As an old town, we are home to several ancestral houses of outstanding scale, historical value and cultural significance – a source of our inspiration and great price. We also boast that it is in this town where our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, received his formal education.

Indeed, our past can co-exist with the present and positively shape the things to come. Biñan is a booming industrial city and still the South’s commercial and trading center. We offer diverse sets of activities to soothe your senses and ignite your soul. From our original Puto Biñan and long regarded Pospas, to our proudly made sapatos, tsinelas and sombrero. With much vibrancy, Biñan is able to cater to all of your life’s needs.

Let us celebrate life, enjoy, and have an amazing time. Welcome to the City of Biñan!

Marlyn B. Alonte-Naguiat


Atty. Walfredo R. Dimaguila, Jr.


Angelo B. Alonte

Vice Mayor
Pearl Awards 2023 Grand Winner