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Marlyn B. Alonte-Naguiat

Biñan City’s Precious Gem


As Biñan City’s first and only female Mayor and the lone district’s three-term Representative in the Congress, Marlyn “Len” Alonte is a strong and passionate leader who is unrelenting in delivering results and bringing about positive change to the lives of the people she serves, no matter the circumstance. She has always believed that the people are the heart of public service and ensured that her hands-on, people-centric style of leadership is able to give her constituents a better and brighter future.

In recognition of her game-changing leadership that propelled Biñan to its dynamic status today, Len was recognized as one of the country’s best and brightest in government and public service when she was awarded the much-coveted The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award in 2014.

A multi-awarded public servant, Len has been recognized by various organizations because of her achievements and accomplishments. She was named Outstanding Public Servant by the Dangal ng Bayaning Filipino in 2021, Outstanding Congressman Award by Superb rands in 2021, and Most Em powered and Inspiring Public Servant of the Millennium at the 4th Asia Pacific Luminare Awards in 2021.

The lady legislator was also head of delegation and one of the speakers at the ASEAN-EU Parliaments Conference in April 2021 as well as head of delegation at the Parliamentarian for Global Goals Conference in March 2021. She was also featured in a number of publications, including PeopleAsia’s Women of Style and Substance and LEAGUE Magazine.

Public Service is her Calling


Growing up, Len would see before her very eyes what public service entailed. Her father Arthur was the Municipal Mayor of Biñan. People would flock to their family compound-some needed assistance, while some were volunteering for different programs. It was from her father that Len, although born with a silver spoon, learned how to be one with the masses and empathize with them. She was talking to people from different walks of life, but she wasn’t even aware this would soon prove helpful to a future career in public service and governance. From her mom Fe, she learned how to trust God and to be kind to people at all times.

In 1998, Len ran for her first political post. Although a neophyte, she won as top Municipal Councilor of Biñan. Her number of votes was overwhelming, they were even higher than the combined number of votes that the winning mayor and vice mayor received. Len did not waste time and got down to business right away. She learned the ropes and worked hard to prove to the people of Biñan that she was worthy of their trust.

Len ran for another term as Municipal Councilor in 2001 and once again, she topped the polls. Having gained experience in the municipal legislative council, Len ran for and won as Vice Mayor in 2004. She led the legislative team in crafting bills to further progress the town. She also continued to organize projects related to her causes: women’s and children’s rights, education, and health among many others.

Her shining moment as Vice Mayor came when Typhoon Milenyo wreaked havoc on the town, damaged properties, and claimed lives in Biñan in September 2006. As acting mayor of the town, her disaster relief action plan was swift and a series of sleepless nights doing relief operations and monitoring showcased her strength and strong will to serve the people. It was for some a preview of things to come, a sneak peek of how it would be under an Alonte administration in Biñan.

People took notice because in 2007, Len became the first female Mayor of Biñan after a challenging election. This lady leader is not one to waste time so in her first 100 days in office, Len and her team were able to launch different landmark projects and constructed school buildings. Her marching order to her Chief of Staff when she became the head of the town was to keep the financial records of Biñan transparent and ensure that there were no ghost employees. She was dogged and determined in her honest and transparent style of leadership. She insisted on having a “People’s Day,” which was one day in a week when anyone was free to talk to the Mayor herself to discuss their issues and concerns.

In 2009, Len showed once again her unwavering strength as a leader. The lady mayor had just given birth to her daughter when Typhoon Ondoy inundated many parts of Biñan and displaced hundreds of families. True to her commitment to public service, Len put her people’s needs before hers. Even when she was just gaining strength herself, she was already out there, riding dump trucks to check the extent of the damage and doing relief operations in her delicate condition. Nothing could stop her from ensuring that her people were well taken care of. She knew she needed to be there, at a time a leader was needed the most by her people.

Impressive Track Record, Outstanding Governance,
and a Formidable Legacy


If there is one thing that proves Len is one of Biñan’s greatest leaders and an achievement that cemented her place in history, it was the cityhood of Biñan. It was during her first term as Mayor when RA 9740 was ratified by a plebiscite on February 2, 2010 to declare Biñan as a city.

Biñan also received the “Seal of Good Housekeeping” award in 2011 and 2012 from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) in recognition of the city’s effective governance with emphasis on the values of transparency, accountability, participation, and performance. Biñan’s income grew from P555 million in 2007 to Pl.5 billion in 2016 when she stepped down as Mayor, proving how her effective leadership had made the city an investor-friendly location. Today, Biñan is home to the Laguna Technopark, an industrial park where more than 200 companies are operating and has provided employment to over 100,000 people in Biñan and in surrounding localities.

Even before she was elected as the youngest Mayor of the city, Len had already been working on programs for youth empowerment. She was one of those responsible for setting up Iskolar ng Biñan, a scholarship program that helps bright but less fortunate students in Biñan get into and stay in a tertiary educational institution. Before she finished her third term as City Mayor, there were 2,287 students who benefitted from this much-acclaimed scholarship program. Len believes that helping underprivileged but deserving students get a college degree also meant helping their families get out poverty and live better, more comfortable lives. Most of them are now accomplished professionals and would thank her for the opportunity when they meet her. The Local Government of Biñan adopted the Iskolar ng Biñan program and continues to support scholars to this day.

Prior to the pandemic, Len has already been zooming in on the importance of healthcare in Biñan. On her first 100 days in office as a first-time Mayor in 2007, she launched the Health Assistance Program for the Indigents (HAPI) Card that helped disadvantaged Biñanenses get free access to the healthcare facilities in Biñan, including Ospital ng Biñan, University of Perpetual Help Hospital, and Biñan Doctor’s Hospital. There were more than 30,000 residents of Biñan who benefitted from this program during Len’s last term as Mayor.

Infrastructure projects that have greatly contributed to the progress of Biñan were made possible under Len’s leadership. The world-class Biñan Football Field and Sports Arena has been hosting international competitions, including the 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)-Biñan has been accommodating college students in the city. Other landmark infrastructure projects include the Biñan City Museum, People’s Park, Department of Education Division Office, and Special Education (SpEd) buildings in Biñan.

Championing Causes in Congress


It was also during her final term as Mayor when Biñan became a new congressional district of Laguna in 2015 through RA 10658. Len has since represented the Lone Congressional District of Biñan after the people put their trust on her as their Congresswoman in 2016, 2019, and 2022.

Alagang Len-the flagship program of the Biñan Congressional District Office-enables support to different sectors of the society, including medical, educational, financial, livelihood, and skills training assistance. She works with government agencies such as the Department of Health (DOH) and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to provide assistance for medical issues, such as cancer, heart and kidney diseases, pneumonia and pulmonary issues, surgeries, and pregnancy-related conditions among others. In 2020, 560 Biñanenses have benefitted from these medical assistance programs and 1,517 individuals received help in 2021.

During the pandemic, where a number of residents of Biñan lost their jobs, Len and her team partnered with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to mobilize displaced workers and those unemployed in a community-based assistance program called TUPAD or Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers. In 2020, 4,431 Biñanenses were given employment to help them and their families during this difficult time. In 2021, the program helped 6,203 individuals.

Fully aware that skills training is an important building block of nation building, Len worked with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to sponsor programs, including welding, masonry, organic farming, computer studies, and electronics. This resulted in almost 2,000 Biñanenses gaining knowledge and skills on these fields, which helped them get into companies and earn income for themselves and their families.

In July 2022, Len became a sponsor for the Philippine Women’s National Football Team at the AFF Women’s Championship 2022. A staunch advocate of sports development and women empowerment, she easily said yes when the Philippine Football Federation sought for financial help. She believed in the huge capacity of Filipino athletes, especially women in sports. The women’s football team eventually went to win the championship, a historic win for the Philippines. And Len couldn’t be any prouder of the team she supported.

In the House of Representatives, Len works even harder. She authored 612 bills (166 as principal author and 446 as co-author), including landmark bills such as RA 11466 that increases the salary of public school teachers from Salary Grade 11 to 19; RA 11494 or the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Intervention Act; RA 11506 that mandates the construction of an international airport in Bulacan; RA 11509 or the Medical Scholarship and Return Service Program for Deserving Students; and RA 11862 that strengthens the policies on anti-human trafficking in persons.

As Deputy Speaker of the 18th Congress, she was also instrumental in the priority passage of the Bayanihan to Heal as One and Bayanihan to Recover as One Acts, which both helped in the implementation of measures to protect the nation against the COVID-19 threat and support economic recovery. Len knew that the global health crisis demanded swift and efficient response, solution, and action. As such, the passage of both acts realigned the national budget to support and provide assistance to 111 million Filipinos, including 405,000 Biñanenses who benefitted from financial support during one of the most difficult times in recent history.

Leadership that Inspires and Motivates People


Len is also responsible for setting up various organizations in Biñan, all of which remain active in the city’s programs to this day. She acknowledges the important role regular citizens play in the success of a locality. As the only female councilor in 1998, she mobilized the “wonder women” of Biñan and founded the Kababaihan Unlad Biñan (KUB), which is now a 10,000-strong powerhouse in the city. She also founded the Kabataan Unlad Biñan Organization (KUBO) as part of her youth-focused advocacy and Gay Alliance for Len Alonte (GALA) in support of the LGBT community. These organizations now have 250 and 300 members respectively. She is also an active member of JCI Biñan. With all her contributions and support to promote JCI Biñan and all its activities, the chapter decided to honour her with a JCI Senatorship.

In 2011, Len was the host Mayor of the 33rd Southern Luzon and Bicol Region Area Conference (SOLAC). She gave her time, resources, dedication and commitment to welcome delegates from the area and had so much time mingling with them. She was also the person behind some of JCI Binan’s projects for the community like the Eye Care Program, the Diabetes Awareness Campaign, feeding programs in various elementary schools, the annual Job Fair and even the Disaster Response activities. With all these achievements, JCI Biñan awarded her the “Most Outstanding JCI Senator Award” in 2015, referring to her as “a great example to all JCI members (as) her life is about service to the community and being an active citizen.”

Len was the youngest president of the Zonta Club of Laguna. Among all the projects of the Club, she is most proud of its Community-based Enterprise Development (CBED) Program for the women of Sitio Balimbing, in cooperation with LINGAP-Saint Michael’s College Laguna. The program provides sustainable income to underprivileged women in the adopted community. Under her leadership, the woman-weavers found a marketing arm for their products via Gifts and Graces Fair Trade Foundation Inc., which supply their goods to SM Kultura and Rustan’s among other retailers. Under the project, a dumpsite in Sitio Balimbing, San Antonio, Biñan was transformed into the Milagros Limaco Community Center where some 15 mothers make a living from making bags, rags, coasters and hand towels out of recycled fabric. The center initially provided skills training and a small capital to cover the cost of materials needed and weekly upkeep of the mothers.

She’s also proud of her eponymous flagship project “Tatak L.E.N.” under which specific activities are outlined toward achieving gender equality. Moreover, her projects earned the Club numerous awards from the Zonta community, among them the prestigious Directions for a Better Future for All Resources Empowerment thru Educational Opportunities Advocacy Membership Service (D.R.E.A.M.S) Achievement Award in Empowerment through Educational Opportunities; Meritorious Continuing Service Projects (for maternal and children empowerment program); Meritorious Newly Conceptualized Service Project (for Sitio Balimbing Community Center); Meritorious Biennial Mission-Focused Project addressing United Nation’s Women and Girls (for Tatak LEN); and the Directions for a Better Future for All Resources Empowerment thru Educational Opportunities Advocacy Membership Service (D.R.E.A.M.S) 1st Place Overall Achievement Award.

In the 2018 ZI Service Recognition Awards in Yokohama Japan, the Club coveted 5th Place for its service project, “From A Dumpsite to a Community Center”. It was also under her term that the Golden Z Club garnered the highest awards for two years and the recognition for the SMCL SHS Z Club for Z Club to be chartered for less than two years.

Len’s outstanding leadership is strengthened by her intelligence, character and sincerity. She embraces the collective hopes, aspirations and dreams of the community, and she dedicates herself to the noble service of all Biñanenses to whom she is regarded not just as a beloved leader but as a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a mother.


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