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Biñan City Centre for Performing Arts, Inc.

Biñan Folkloric Dance Troupe

Date established: August 29, 2016
Master Choreographer: Mr. Jordan V. Sarcia
Number of members: 39

It used to be a group of young talented competitive street dancers who went as far as Malacañang Palace to perform. It was known then as the Biñan Dance Company. Its original members, however, took different paths until only the youngest ones were left. It eventually went on hiatus until there was a need to create a dance group under BCPA to continue the heritage of folk dancing; hence the Biñan Folkloric Dance Troupe (BFDT) was born.

The remaining members of the former dance company were the first ones who were tapped to form the new BFDT. These are not only talented dancers, but versatile as well. They were vigorously trained by Jordan with the assistance of Arvin Jay Bongon. In no time, they were not only performing in events, but holding their very own dance concerts as well.