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Biñan City Centre for Performing Arts, Inc.

Biñan Youth Philharmonic Orchestra

Date established: May 21, 2017
Conductor: Ret. Col. Gilbert M. Ramos
Number of members: 19

Gilbert’s acquaintance with the much sought-after BKME and his formal education in orchestra conducting paved the way for the formation of the more familiar Biñan Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (BYPO), which plays the more familiar string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments played in most musical performances. The form itself has been present for the longest time that it is no longer difficult to introduce it to the townspeople. These emerging musicians come together in a symphonic performance exclusively mounted for all Biñanenses to enjoy.

In spite of their familiarity, these instruments are among the most difficult to play. With their complexity taking years to master, it is encouraged that musicians start learning the instruments young. BYPO is composed of young Biñanense musicians who have a penchant for musical instruments. They are mostly those who were first trained to play the kawayan instruments as members of the musikong bumbong.