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No one does Christmas like the Filipinos do. If not for the tropical climate, the Philippines should have been considered a Christmas village as they celebrate the season the longest. Certainly, Biñan does Christmas distinctly. It maximizes the holiday season to showcase its homegrown talents and, of course, to invite the whole city to celebrate, just like a family.

It starts with the exciting countdown to Pag-iilaw, the Christmas lighting ceremony, at the Biñan town plaza. This is followed by different performances of the artists of the Biñan Centre for Performing Arts throughout the evening.

Apart from the Christmas light ornaments that brighten the entire city, the days leading to Christmas are filled with various events, including choral and dance concerts, theatre productions, brass band Serenata during the Simbang Gabi, talent competitions open to all Biñanenses, and food bazaars galore featuring local delicacies. Dull moments are impossible in Biñan, especially during the Christmas season.

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