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The Prinza Dams of Biñan

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Centuries-old water dams that were constructed by the Dominicans during the Spanish times are still found at the border of Biñan, Santa Rosa, and Carmona. They are the Timbao Prinza Dam and Soro-soro Prinza Dam, as they are within the political territory of Barangay Timbao and of Barangay Soro-Soro, respectively. The Timbao Prinza Dam covers an area of more or less 1,460 square meters while the Soro-soro Prinza Dam occupies 300 square meters. The dams are connected to Carmona River, where they source their water for the irrigation of the rice fields of Barangay Timbao and Barangay Langkiwa. Today, the dams are also a recreation spot where locals go to for swimming during the summer.

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